Good Customer Service

To improve customer experiences, manufacturers must implement good customer service, which many manufacturers fail to deliver on. Here are a few things we do to deliver good customer service and leave CHAR customers happy:

  • Provide Quick Answers – If the customer has an issue or problem, we make every effort to address those issues as soon as possible, whether it be through email or phone calls.
  • Respond to the Needs of the Customer – We focus on supplying our customers with what they want rather than focusing solely on the products we make. In the end, we will please the customer.
  • Listen – Collaboration is key. When Bill knows what the customer has in mind for design and layout. The next step is to logically design and build based upon team effort, creating a partnership rather than just a customer.
  • Keep Your Word –  In manufacturing it is not always easy to meet the demands of the customer. In other words, we only offer the customer a guarantee if we know we can deliver upon it. And we do!

 “Even if this is the 80th order you’ve worked on this week, the experience is the only one for that customer, and it needs to be as fresh for them as it was for your first customer.” – Bill Blazvick.


By responding quickly to the needs of the customers and by keeping your promises, you will be able to provide better customer service to your clients and secure your future.

A long-term relationship with a Blazvick company largely comes down to customer service. After all, you don’t want to do business with a company that fails to recognize your unique business needs or is unwilling to budge on details important to you.

Here are a couple of our clients maintained with the Blazvick method of true customer service: