About CHAR Products

Bill Blazvick, Artist, Engineer and owner of CHAR Products decided that it was time to combine creativity and logical innovative design. After 30 years Blazvick a true entrepreneurial pioneer, created his own line, CHAR Products, the true competitor in the commercial grill and custom kitchen fabrication industry of hotels, casinos and commercial restaurants and made in the United States.

Bill and his team spent considerable effort developing their own line of products. After much research and development the most exquisite grill in the trade was created. There is no compromises to speed rather calculated procedures developed over time and designed to enhance each piece’s longevity and worth protecting the customer’s investment. CHAR’s attention to detail insures that it lives up to its name.


The best refrigerated product around custom wine fridges, drawer bases and desert cases.


State of the art hot cooking appliances, round rotating char broilers, and wood-fired equipment.


The ultimate in custom room temperature display equipment.


Impressive cookware, storage and displays, built to last and be a showpiece in any kitchen.

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