Specification Sheets

Due to ongoing product development, information may change. We strive to keep the most current information available.

Exhibition Cooking Products

CP-EX187FThe Revolution-F BroilerBroiler, RotatingFoodservice
CP-EX187The Revolution BroilerBroiler, RotatingFoodservice
CP-EX360FThe 360-F BroilerBroiler, RotatingFoodservice
CP-EX360The 360 BroilerBroiler, RotatingFoodservice
CP-EX1612 Rotating PlanchaBroiler, Plancha RotatingFoodservice
CP-EX1818Rotating Rotisserie BroilerBroiler, Rotisserie RotatingFoodservice
CP-EX161 Paella GrillBroiler, Wood Fired, Open PitFoodservice
CP-EX2218The ParillaBroiler, Under-Fired, Gas, Free StandingFoodservice
CP-EX2367The PrimroseBroiler, Under-Fired, Solid-FuelFoodservice
CP-EX21815The "B.R.O." Barrel Roasting OvenOven, Wood-Fired Barrel RoasterFoodservice
CP-EX2218Vertical RotisserieBroiler, Vertical RotatingFoodservice

Standard Cook Line Products

CP-S387CTCounter Model: ChurrascoBroiler, ChurrascoFoodservice
CP-S387Floor Model: ChurrascoBroiler, ChurrascoFoodservice
CP-S182SFRobataBroiler, Under-Fired, Solid FuelFoodservice
CP-S1612Round PlanchaGriddle, PlanchaFoodservice

Presentation Series

CP-PS184Product Showcase Display Display Case, RotatingFoodservice/ Jewelry/ Electronics/ Clothing

Refrigerated Products

Coming Soon


We produce refrigerated products ranging from drawer bases to sushi cases.


We produce a wide range of hot cooking appliances, round rotating broilers, char broilers and wood-fired equipment.


We produce a wide range of room temperature display equipment.


All of our products are radiant, beautiful pieces of art to display and WOW the customers.

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