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Standard or Traditional Cooking

Take Your Patrons for a Spin

Rotating grills offer a new facet to the food preparation to the dining experience. Heads will spin, just like these grills. The temperature-controlled cooking will delight and amaze as this grill becomes the centerpiece of the dinning experience, like it was always meant to be; with brilliant flame that redefines the experience of your customers.

Don’t want or need the rotating grill? No worries, Char’s grills come in many tasty configurations that will add elegance and high-quality design to any dining experience.

See for yourself how Char grills make for a hot addition to any restaurant or dining concept. Contact us today. The consultation is free. The grills are priceless.

Turn Up The Heat

To stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to turn up the heat! With these distinctive innovations from Char’s diverse selection of grills, your restaurant won’t just feed, it will delight.


We produce refrigerated products ranging from drawer bases to sushi cases.


We produce a wide range of hot cooking appliances, round rotating broilers, char broilers and wood-fired equipment.


We produce a wide range of room temperature display equipment.


All of our products are radiant, beautiful pieces of art to display and WOW the customers.

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