CHAR® Products, LLC 

CHAR® Products, LLC is a Las Vegas, Nevada based manufacturing company that focuses on front of house commercial appliances that give a “WOW” factor Radiant experience for the customer while producing the most exciting food products available. CHAR® is an acronym that stands for Cold, Hot, Ambient, and Radiant. With a full line up of products crossing all 3 temperature zones while giving a Radiant front of house experience for the customers. You can be assured that your next project will find the right “Appliance with Soul ™” 

CHAR®, founded in 2016 by the Blazvick Family, a long-standing name in the culinary custom fabrication industry, with over 30 years consistent (not combined) experience in commercial kitchen, design, fabrication and service. Located in the heart of the entertainment industry they have developed and patented several products that bring this experience to the culinary world.  

Las Vegas brings a unique perspective when designing culinary equipment. The 24/7 use and abuse from nonstop operations means that the product must be designed and manufactured to the highest of standards. All CHAR® Products are just that, heavy duty engineered designs that allow extreme use every day while holding an appeal that allows the FOH experience to come alive.  

With 3D modeling technology and state of the art fabrication techniques and highly trained skilled craftsman CHAR® can bring any imaginative idea to reality. We design, engineer and test to NSF, ETL, or UL standards as needed for each product. Working closely with design consultants our team can engineer any custom one-off product needed.  

Give our sales team a call for your next project and let CHAR® ignite your imagination.  


Our Team

Bill Blazvick

William Blazvick, Managing Member,

office number: 702-489-9888 & fax: 702-489-9898

Melissa Blazvick

Melissa Blazvick, Managing Member,

office number: 702-489-9888 & fax: 702-489-9898

Kim Szumilo

Kimberly Szumilo, Office Manager/Accounting,

office number: 702-489-9888 & fax: 702-489-9898


Scott Carter

Scott Carter, Director of Technical Resources,

office number: 702-489-9888 & fax: 702-489-9898


Nathan Blazvick

Nathan Blazvick, Vice President of Engineering and Operations,

office number: 702-489-9888 & fax: 702-489-9898



Phil Eaton

Phil Eaton, Vice President of Sales,

office number: 727-641-7202 & fax: 702-489-9898