Radiant Products

Let The Food Tell The Story

Nothing speaks to a hungry customer like your irresistible food presented in the best possible light. With the skill & craft of your most talented chef’s and food prep engineers on display in any of our Radiant cookware cold storage and display systems.

First Impressions are The Most Important

Your customers won’t be able to help themselves when your best culinary masterpieces are on display expertly and the cohesive presentation of a complete food storage & display system.

The beauty of the Radiant design system is that no two are identical. Every element of the service is aligned and offers a cohesive, unforgettable presentation that compliments your service and your menu nicely.

Forged from the finest sources of NSF certified materials and others, engineered to last and designed to command attention and respect.*

Experience Char’s Radiant Beauty Firsthand

Discover what a full kitchen presentation can mean for your business and to your customers. Contact us today for a full radiant presentation. Consultation is free, and we stand ready to answer any question you may have. All of CHAR’s products are certified NSF, UL, and ANSI standards.


We produce refrigerated products ranging from drawer bases to sushi cases.


We produce a wide range of hot cooking appliances, round rotating broilers, char broilers and wood-fired equipment.


We produce a wide range of room temperature display equipment.


All of our products are radiant, beautiful pieces of art to display and WOW the customers.

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